Home Garden Fencing

The benefits of home gardening are limitless! Its not a new trend, and its here to stay. Filling your table with fresh organic fruits and veggies might come at a premium at the grocery store, but growing your own is affordable and a hobby that many enjoy. Protecting the fruits of your labor is vital. You don;t want to loose an entire harvest to a hungry rodent. SnapFence has an easy and affordable solution to keep your garden safe and your table stocked all year. 

Home Garden SnapFence


A lot goes into starting a garden. Everything must be carefully planned and timed in order to enjoy the most yield and the least headaches. Unless you plan on sharing your crops, garden fencing is a must! SnapFence is an easy to assemble option that can be customized to your needs. Weve paired that with heavy duty hardware cloth for an affordable but secure garden fence line. Everything ships according to your specifications. Select the length of fencing you need, where you want to install it, how many 90° corners you want, and if you want a gate insert. Check out the full line here: 

SnapFence with Hardware Cloth


Assembly is a snap! Everything snaps into place and finished with screws. It only takes minutes to snap together and the only tools needed are a screwdriver and a rubber mallet if you are using over a soft surface such as grass or dirt.  

For questions regarding this project, or more information on how to customize this project to your specifications do not hesitate to contact us.

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