3' x 13' Hinged Sign Kit

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The 3' x 13' Hinged Sign Kit allows you to build a portable sign unit that can be positioned for conventions or events to designate customer paths or directional signs. It stores away into a foldable panel when not needed or just an elegant look for any project use. Remember that you can add extension kits to make any length project!  ~ Assembly Required. Multiple Box Kit. 

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This kit includes:
(4) 39” post/rails / Part No. #VFR-39 
(6) 46” post/rails / Part No. #VFR-46
(6) 30” balusters / Part No. #VFR-30
(12) hinge elbows / Part No. #VFL-2H
(12) hinge brackets / Part No. #VFH-1
(4) post caps  / Part No. #VFP-1
(4) base mounts / Part No. #VFB-1
(3) bags of screws / Part No. #VFM-1
This parts list makes 13’ of Signage maximum
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