DIY Garden Enclosure - with SnapFence Rabbit Proof Fencing

Gardening is a true labor of love. Tending to your plants & growing a bountiful crop is a great hobby and good for your soul. Don't let your garden be  destroyed before you get to enjoy your first vegetable by those rascally rabbits & other critters looking for their next snack. Protect what's important with  SnapFence® Wire Mesh Fence.

This garden fence was customized by a customer to be symmetrical and we love how it turned out!

Our patented two rail fence will protect your garden and will provide you with years of harvesting enjoyment. Durable and ascetically pleasing, our fencing solutions are available in 7 lengths- you can customize your fence to your specific area or idea! Start small or go big- with kits available in 24ft, 32 ft., 40 ft., 48ft., 56ft., 64ft. and 72ft.  All fence kits include components to turn the fence into an enclosure (optional). Pick you size, choose to add a gate or not and pick your installation type - its a snap! 

You can choose between anchor stakes or base mounts for your installation. Anchor stakes are for soft dirt or grass and we recommend using an auger bit (1/2" x 17" length with 7/16" hex) attached to a standard drill for easy installation! Our Base mounts can be permanent  when applied to concrete or wood with anchor screws or left free standing. 

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