How To Build A Propane Tank Cover

Easy DIY Propane Tank Cover

Project Level: EASY!

Takes two people and two hours to complete. A hammer or rubber mallet & drill are needed for this project.

Hide your unsightly propane tank with a custom cover.

Step One:

Layout all of your parts, and clear the installation area of any debris. You will need a hammer or rubber mallet as well as a drill for this project. To create this 4' x 8' x 4' enclosure we used the following items:

Step Two:

Insert Ground Anchor Stakes at installation site 48" (on center) apart from each other. You should only insert them 12" into the ground to avoid reaching any gas lines.

Step Three:

Slide (6) 46" Posts on top of Ground Anchor Stakes. Ensure that you don't push the Posts into the ground. They should be sitting on top of the ground to keep the same height throughout.

Step Four:

Use the Rail Connectors and Corner Rail connectors across the bottom of the structure and the Tee, Elbows, and 3-Way Elbows across the top. Connect the 46" Rails and hammer everything into place.

Step Five:

Secure the lower Rail Connectors and Corner Rail Connectors into place using the provided screws.

Step Six:

Line up the Lattice Panels with the frame and secure them into place using the provided screws. Ensure you center the Lattice Panels evenly on both sides of the Posts and Rails so you have room to screw the Lattice Panels evenly on all sides.

Insert the thicker side of a Coupler into the bottom of a Post Cap. Push them into the top of the Posts. Repeat for all Posts.

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