How to Install Landscape Edging

Easy DIY Landscape Edging

Project Level: EASY!

Takes two people and 2-4 hours to complete. A hammer or rubber mallet & drill are needed for this project.

Adding a beautiful white lattice landscape edge to your yard has never been easier!

Step One:

Layout all of your parts, and clear the installation area of any debris. You will need a hammer or rubber mallet as well as a drill for this project. To create this 32' x 16' project we used the following items:

(4) 50 Pack of Screws

Step Two:

Insert Ground Anchor Stakes at installation site 48" (on center) apart from each other. You should insert them between 12"-18" deep depending on your soil. (Note: If you end up with an odd length at the ends dont worry, just insert the last Ground Anchor stakes where you want the edging to stop and you can customize the length of that section later.)

Step Three:

Slide your 16" vertical Posts on top of Ground Anchor Stakes. Ensure that you don't push the Posts into the ground. They should be sitting on top of the ground to keep the same height throughout.

Step Four:

Add Post Caps to the top of all vertical posts. Use the Rail Connectors and Corner Rail connectors to connect the 46" horizontal rails to the posts. Before screwing them into place adjust them so the rails connectors all line up and you measure 12" from the top of the top rail to the bottom of the bottom rail. (Note: The Rail Connectors allow for sloping up to 7 degrees. Feel free to adjust them to the flow of your land as needed. The structure will tighten up as everything gets screwed in to place).

Step Five:

Secure all Rail Connectors and Corner Rail Connectors into place using the provided screws.

Step Six:

Line up the Lattice Panels with the frame and secure them into place using the provided screws. Ensure you center the Lattice Panels evenly on both sides of the Posts and Rails so you have room to screw the Lattice Panels evenly on all sides.

For questions regarding customizing your project please reach out to us at (888) 959-4471 Monday-Friday 7:30-4pm PST. We are happy to help!

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