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Perfect product match for our listeners, but even better yet, a compassion for humanity match with our audience, and me! Appreciate the much ignored, middle class homeless issue. Best, Ed

Excellent market match for our audience! This Buyer brings out our best... 

Best, Ed


 Melody M. found SnapFence: 

I found your facebook page after I stumbled across a video and decided to google for more info. I was looking high and low for a modular fence solution. I have an autistic child that loves to go out and play but I can not turn my back even outside or he's gone. A fence would give him a visual reminder on his limit to how far he can wonder. He's 13 and taller than most men, I'm sure he could jump over it but he just needs the reminder and not a leash! LOL I need a modular-style since I rent my house and can not get a permit to build/install a "real" fence without jumping through hoops. I'm pretty sure someone had pinned a lattice style fence on pinterest. I watched a video of a guy installing a small line of fence in no time. Until this the only thing I have seen for modular fencing was the black metal spike top fence panels that rusts in now time and cost more than a "real" fence when you factored in how short they are. And the "Wham Bam" Fence is kind of pricey but was a deal breaker since it would still need a permit in my town. 

After we sent Melody M. a sample of SnapFence:

I did get my package and played.  In fact my kids played with them as well. My 9 year old daughter especially loves them. 
I'm impressed with the durability. I was thinking "plastic" and imagined something that was flimsy and that could be easily broken such as a temporary solution or occasional use. 
They don't seem like that at all. They require a bit of a nudge to connect (but nothing a 9 year old girl couldn't do!) and they feel like they do 'snap' together and fit nice and snug for a durable stable fit. 
It sort of reminded me of playing with grown-up legos and a modern PVC project. I love the squareness of these over the roundness of PVC pipes. 
Playing with them I immediately began thinking... I could do this or that! (Background: With an autistic child nothing can be easy or be used right out of the box. We are always modding things we buy to work better with our son. He can get himself into lots of mischief and hardly anything stands up to his abuse!) 
I was looking at pictures on your facebook page that people submitted. I saw a table & bench. Impressive! 

Thanks again, I'm super excited! 

Melody M.


Carla S. using SnapFence: 

This is what we made with our SnapFence. These are gates that our dog club uses when we have our agility trials.
It is super easy to work with, I think this is a great product.

Charlie LOVED them!! (the new gates)


John R. using SnapFence: 

Our customer John, needed to keep his cat from jumping over his block wall. So him and his wife used the SnapFence 3x4 fence kit and extended it all the way around their entire yard and the pool area! They attached it using the base mounts secured to the block wall! They love it, and the cat doesn't seem to mind much either!! 

Thank you John for sending us your finished shots!