Outdoor Modular Fencing &
Enclosure System

Why choose SnapFence?

100% Secure

Secure your home gardens, play areas, and small animals with our patented outdoor modular enclosure system. While easy to assemble and convenient to access from the outside, the top and bottom rail, paired with our unique wire clips, provide a comprehensive security solution. Don’t waste time installing a wire fence system that can be easily compromised or worn down by the elements.

Ideal for every DIY containment project

Every modular enclosure system can be easily customized to meet your needs. Simply measure out the perimeter of the space you’re securing and select the appropriate amount of modular paneling to cover it. Should your needs change, the modular enclosure system is easy to reshape, add to, or shrink. It’s a stress-free solution for home gardens, play areas, and a wide variety of animals, such as dogs, cats, chickens, goats, rabbits and birds.

How to choose the right modular enclosure set up:

Open Top: This is a great feature for many common applications, including Home Gardens, Children, and Small Animals such as dogs, turtles, rabbits, etc. An open top enclosure can prevent escape through the sides or underneath, but won’t be able to offer protection up above.

Closed Top w/ Wire: If you are concerned about your animals escaping or predators breaking in through the enclosure’s exposed top, consider adding hardware cloth to the top for an extra layer of security. It’s easy and affordable to attach with our patented wire clips.

Closed Top w/ Sun Shade: If your outdoor enclosure fence will be placed in a mostly sunny area, consider protecting your plants, kids, or animals with a sun shade. Any shade can be attached to the Snapfence® rails with the screws or tie downs of your choice.

Explore our selection, find what you need, and order your SnapFence today!

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