Custom Modular Garden Wall Frames

The Garden Wall Solution that Breaks Down Barriers


Our modular garden wall system features a patented design that enables each panel to be easily and securely snapped together to form landscaping walls of any shape. This results in low-hassle, high-speed installations that you can easily complete within an afternoon—no heavy lifting or machinery required!


This modular garden wall solution is fully customizable in order to accommodate your needs, even when those needs change. You can add or subtract frames to change the size and shape of the frame. The panels are also light enough to be relocated with ease, and even feature hollow internal channels that are perfect for running irrigation and electrical systems.


The perfect balance of low-maintenance and high-performance, our full-strength design can support retaining up to 3' and up to 1000 pounds of weight per 5' in length, allowing you to finish it with just about any exterior finish imaginable. It’s heavy-duty vinyl composition also makes it highly resistant to weather damage, rust, and daily wear and tear.

Assemble your modular garden wall system using our easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. 1. Measure the perimeter of the space you wish to frame and determine how much paneling the project will require.
  3. 2. Install your frame in the desired location. For soft surface installations, mark the location of the ground anchoring posts and using a post hole digger or auger to dig 12" holes. For hard surface installations purchase your desired cement anchors and screws and attach by screwing through the bottom rails into the ground.
  5. 3. Run any electrical or irrigation lines and then attach 1/2" thick cement board to the frame. Pre-cut options sold separately.
  7. 4. Finish your project with the material of your choosing. We recommend using tile, stacked stone veneer, thin brick, stucco, or cement.

Precut Cement Board

Cement Board gives you the perfect canvas for finishing your project with a wide range of finishes. You can apply stucco or cement directly to, or top it with stacked stone veneer, tile, wood, brick veneer, and more. Found in 3' x 5' sheets at most home improvement stores, and sold separately here, pre-cut for your convenience.

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