SnapFence Support

Customer Service is our number one priority! Contact us directly!

We will answer your questions or comments within 48 hours but usually sooner.

Brandi C Creason Brandi C Creason 

Brandi is our SnapFence Designer, and can help you with any of your projects, large or small.

She has expertise in design and construction and takes the challenge to create
new elements with SnapFence. 

 Brittany Bolding

Brittany is our front line support for SnapFence. She can help you with any of your projects,
ordering, shipping questions and parts information. 

Contact her directly:


If you need to reach us, call direct: 888-959-4471, M-F, 7am-4pm PST.

Our SnapFence Designer is also available to assist you with your projects!

SnapFence Distribution and Management Center

Southern California         

3435 Soledad Canyon Road

Acton, CA 93510