Wrap Around Patio Fencing

Looking for the perfect weekend project to upgrade your patio? Patio fencing is a quick and simple project. Whether its for safety, or decoration. 

SnapFence Patio Fencing

(Sample of SnapFence Patio Fencing)

SnapFence's modular fencing with lattice makes adding patio fencing a snap! Start by measuring the total length of your patio perimeter. Each 24' section comes with six 4' panels. Each panel can be installed straight, or at a 90° corner. All posts and rails can be cut down with a hand or circular saw if you need an size smaller than 4'. Order as many 24' sections as needed to complete your project, or build your own custom sizing using components. The components used are:

39" Posts
46" Rails
Rail Connectors
Corner Rail Connectors
Base Mounts (hard surface installation)

For questions regarding this project, or more information on how to customize this project to your specifications do not hesitate to contact us.

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