DIY Planter Box

Set your home apart from the rest of the block with this simple to build snap together Planter Box with House Numbers. Adding that wow-factor doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. This is an easy weekend project, and can be fully customized to your style. 


DIY Planter Box with House Numbers

DIY House Number Planter Box by Rain on a Tin Roof


We had the pleasure of working with Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof on this project. Jenna puts together really easy to follow DIY tutorials and has a great eye for detail. We provided the SnapFence parts and she did the rest. She paired a 36" wide x 24" high planter box frame with cedar planks to create this adorable planter box, and added house numbers to get the curb appeal she wanted.  

Pairing this project with house numbers is a simple way to to add a special look to the front of your home. However, the dimensions of this project can be customized to create larger raised garden beds or planter boxes. 

DIY Planter Box Ideas

Assembling your SnapFence project is simple! This project took about 10 minutes to assemble the frame, and the only tools used were a rubber mallet, and screw driver. No special equipment, or skills are needed and precise leveling of the installation area is not needed. The hollow frame design makes running optional irrigation or lighting through your project a snap.

Once your frame is assembled we recommend topping it with concrete board (aka backer board). Concrete board is a great surface for all types of outdoor finishes. It attaches to the frame easily with backer board screws (available at all major home improvement and hardware stores). You can stucco or apply a finishing cement coat directly over it, or top it with wood planks, stacked stone veneer, tile or just about any material you want to achieve your desired look. 

CLICK HERE to view the entire step by step tutorial by Rain on a Tin roof. For questions regarding this project, or more information on how to customize this project to your specifications do not hesitate to contact us.


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  • We’re looking at doing something similar to this, but for an area that is 6’ wide, 2’ tall, and 18" deep. Would we be able to use this plan and tweak it by adding 4-way tees and mirroring it on the other side? Or would we be able to just continue using tees all the way across without needing a brace across the center? I’m trying to gauge if this is a feasible solution for our project with a few tweaks, or if we need a custom design. I’d rather not have to pay the extra if necessary. Thanks!


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