DIY Dog Run and Pet Enclosures - its a snap!

We are huge animal lovers here at SnapFence! We know just how much love (and work) goes into caring for our pets. Keeping our animals safe while we are away  is a huge priority. SnapFence® can make it  is easy and affordable to create an  area that will provide your pet with a safe, secure  spot to call their own. 

SnapFence can grow with your pet, first as a crate training area and then expand into a fencing solution. Partition off areas to keep your plants and grass areas private and leaving your pet to relax in  an area all their own.  SnapFence can create a perimeter on your patio to keep small pets in and away from predators or as a permanent dog run.


Here's how:

You can customize your own project utilizing our part library or order one of our prepackaged kits (and save with FREE shipping) and get to installing in a snap!





 All of our fences come with components to turn your fence into an enclosure - with up to 4 corners available. Kits are available in 7 lengths - 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72 ft. options. With a choice in 2 installation applications. Use Base Mounts for a permanent application by adhering with concrete anchors and screws (not provided) or you can leave it freestanding for whelping cages or temporary kennels. Anchor stakes are for a dirt or grass application. 





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